Benefits of Leasing

Advantages of Commercial Leasing

  • Keeps credit lines intact
  • Overcomes capital budget restraints
  • Conserves working capital
  • Deductibility of Rentals
  • Pays for equipment as it produces profits
  • Hedges against equipment obsolescence
  • Minimal upfront costs

Reasons to Lease

  • Only pay cash for items that hold value or appreciate in value.
  • Use money from other sources for items that depreciate.
  • Lease keeps bank lines of credit available for business
    opportunities and other short term cash requirements.
  • Keeps cash in business and conserves working capital that
    may be needed for the unknown occurrences.
  • Cash is derived from after-tax profits, the lease payment is a
    pre-tax monthly expense.
  • One page application up to $75K
  • Bank loans require full financial disclosure.