About Us

Decades of experience in the underwriting industry.
Colonial Pacific Leasing, acquired by Pitney-Bowes Credit in 1986 and GE
Capital in 1998 servicing over 600 lease and finance brokers was the largest
and highest regarded in the nation. STERLING FINANCIAL GROUP, LLC was formed after the closing of Colonial Pacific Leasing in 2002 by 15-20 year veteran dedicated employees.

Integrity, ethics and values are priority. We hold high regard to long term relationships and strive to provide top level customer service. We like to be known as “Credible & Trustworthy” also “Easy to deal with”. Our motto is “Committed to Excellence”.

Highly diversified lease and finance programs.
We are backed by strong relationships with many major national banks and
private underwriters. Our services offer very competitive rates, terms and
program diversity. This is for most all equipment types to support a variety
of lease and financing needs. This is so the customer has options and
doesn’t have to make multiple calls to finance companies and deal with
multiple people to get the same products. This saves time and money!

Knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Our very experienced people will take the time to listen and explain all the
details so the customer can make an educated well informed choice when
the final decision is made. Our lease and finance programs are continually
updated to compete with the largest competitors in the finance industry,
along with keeping the small house personal service and touch and home
town attitude.

Extensive equipment, product and industry knowledge.
We are very familiar with a large variety of equipment types. Knowing and
understanding the equipment you sell helps us become more efficient when
working with your customers. Our equipment remarketing company REMCO maintains a national network of off lease equipment inventories from many major banks and lending institutions. We provide the availability off lease equipment to resale end user markets.