Advantages of Commercial Leasing

  •     Keeps credit lines intact

  •     Overcomes capital budget restraints

  •     Conserves working capital

  •     Deductibility of Rentals

  •     Pays for equipment as it produces profits

  •     Hedges against equipment obsolescence

  •     Minimal upfront costs
                             Reason to Lease

Only pay cash for items that hold value or appreciate in value.
Use money from other sources for items that depreciate.

Lease keeps bank lines of credit available for business
opportunities and other short term cash requirements.

Keeps cash in business and conserves working capital that
may be needed for the unknown occurrences.

Cash is derived from after-tax profits, the lease payment is a
pre-tax monthly expense.

One page application up to $75K
Bank loans require full financial disclosure.
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Benefits of Leasing